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company news about Ultrasonic food cutting machine

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Company News
Ultrasonic food cutting machine
Latest company news about Ultrasonic food cutting machine

1 Introduction

Compared with traditional cutting methods, ultrasonic food cutting knives have the characteristics of more sanitary cutting, easier cleaning of equipment, shorter downtime, better cost-effectiveness, higher consistency of the cutting surface, and longer blade life.


Ultrasonic food cutting blades are manufactured through a precise wire cutting process, which can reduce stress and extend service life. Applications include cheese cutting; cake and dessert cutting; candy cutting; meat cutting; sandwich and packaging cutting, etc.


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2. Ultrasonic food cutter contains the following components

Ultrasonic generator (power supply)

The ultrasonic generator converts the power current of 110VAC or 220VAC into high frequency and high voltage electrical signals.

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Ultrasonic converter (transducer)

The ultrasonic transducer uses the high frequency electrical signal from the ultrasonic generator and converts it into linear mechanical motion.


This conversion is performed by using piezoelectric ceramic disks, which expand when a voltage is applied. Ultrasonic transducers used in food cutting systems are specially designed to introduce and outflow air in the air for cooling.

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Ultrasonic booster (horn)

The ultrasonic horn is a tunable component that can mechanically adjust the displacement of the linear vibration of the transducer to the level required by the specific application to produce the best cutting performance. The ultrasonic horn also provides a safe, vibration-free location that can be installed on cutting tools.


The horn used in the food cutting system is a one-piece monolithic titanium alloy design to achieve maximum cutting accuracy and repeatability. In addition, the one-piece design allows for thorough flushing, which is different from the multi-piece ultrasonic horn which can hold bacteria.


Ultrasonic cutting tool head (cutter head)

The ultrasonic cutting head is a custom tool designed to vibrate at a specific frequency. These tools are carefully designed using computer modeling techniques to achieve optimal performance and longevity.


3.Advantages of ultrasonic food cutting

1. Cleaner cut

Always produce a clean, uniform cutting surface, cutting multilayer composite food (sandwich) and nuts will not produce displacement.

2. Precision cutting products that are difficult to process

Easily slice products, such as natural food cakes, without deformation or breakage, as well as hard bread and bagels.

3. Higher productivity leads to greater production

Ultrasonic provides faster cutting and cutting speeds than traditional blade systems, and smaller incisions help reduce waste.

4. Reduce cleaning downtime

The ultrasonic system provides longer running time during the cleaning cycle and is easy to clean, thereby reducing cleaning downtime by 70% to 90%.

5. High-quality materials meet the highest standards in the food industry

The equipment is made of stainless steel and titanium materials to ensure improved hygiene, safety and processing performance.

6. Minimal surface friction can extend the life of the blade

Ultrasonic tool head blades are sharper than stationary blades, increasing productivity and reducing maintenance.

7. Operate 24/7

The ultrasonic cutting system has been carefully designed and processed to meet the high-performance operation day after day in the harshest processing environment.


4.What kind of food can be cut by ultrasonic cutting machine?


Semi-frozen meat and fish;

Bread or cake products;

Nougat, candy, granola bars;

Sandwiches, wraps and pizzas in the catering industry;

Hard cheese and soft cheese, including products containing nuts and fruits;


Softer foods and foods with multiple textures generally require higher amplitude. E.g:

Fudge and nougat

Soft cheeses and cheeses containing nuts or fruits

Products containing various hard and soft ingredients, such as sandwiches and wraps

Cakes and bread


Sturdy foods generally have lower requirements for amplitude. E.g:

Frozen food

Hard cheese


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