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company news about The Method of Cutting the Blow Molding Bottle Mouth by Ultrasonic Cutting Device

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Company News
The Method of Cutting the Blow Molding Bottle Mouth by Ultrasonic Cutting Device
Latest company news about The Method of Cutting the Blow Molding Bottle Mouth by Ultrasonic Cutting Device

    Automatic blow molding mouth machine can be efficiently blown jars, bottles, beverage bottles, cosmetics bottles bottles, but after blow molding, blow molding due process, the bottle will leave burrs, which will after its removal the bottle can be used. The traditional method for the removal of the bottle burr removal by hand, the disadvantage is low efficiency, cut uneven, poor quality. Now mainly used for bottle machine burr excision, such as the typical patent application "automatic blow molding bottle blowing machine cutting mechanism" and "plastic bottle bottle peeling machine" and CN102285102A Publication No. CN1654189A disclosed separately. These two patents are ordinary knife to cut away the bottle, the bottle can be effectively carried out burr removal, but the cutting process will have a greater cutting force, bottle easily deformed, resulting in uneven cut cutting poor quality. In addition, the cutter case of prolonged use, prone to wear and tear, continue to use the influence of the bottle cut quality, so the need for regular replacement of the cutter, time-consuming. Cutting and ultrasonic cutting principle is completely different in the traditional sense, the use of ultrasonic energy to the local heating and melting the material being cut, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting material. Ultrasonic cutting does not require a sharp edge, do not need a lot of pressure, the material being cut will not cause damage. The above-described Patent Application Publication No. CN1654189A disclosed "automatic blow molding bottle blowing machine cutting mechanism" With mold clamping, rotating burr removal, mold release bottle bottle burr way excision, the entire removal process is more complicated and inefficient. Patent CN102285102A disclosure "plastic bottle bottle peeling machine" can be effectively carried out the bottle burr removal, but no burr removal timely collection bottle after burr. if the bottle falls blow bottle moving within the channel will affect the normal movement of blow molded bottles, thus affecting the normal work cut bottle machine.

    The utility model aims to provide a blow molded bottle mouth by ultrasonic cutting devices, cutting help improve efficiency, reducing bottle deformation and improving the quality of the cut, and moving through the bottle clamping mechanism synchronized with the movement mechanism of the blow bottle mouth holding and positioning of the cut to ensure that the rules and smooth and effective manner to the bottle fly resected edge burrs in order to avoid falling into the timely collection bottle blow molding machine bottle cut mobile channel influence does not work, and can automatically and blowing machine supporting, enabling online ultrasonic cutting blow bottle bottle burr cutting device. Technical scheme of the utility model for solving the technical problems of the utility model is used in total including a rack for holding to be cut blow bottle mouth. bottle clamping mechanism burr portion, the same two sets of ultrasonic cutting structure institutions, the same structure of two bottle holder and bottle guide mechanism burr collection agencies; the total frame consists of a rack and the other racks, the rack is formed between two moving passage bottle blow molding, blow molding bottle both ends of the mobile channel were blown bottle inlet side and the outlet side of the blow molded bottles, bottle clamping mechanism is provided on a rack, two sets of the same structure as the ultrasonic cutting mechanism disposed symmetrically in two racks at ultrasound. ultrasonic cutting tool cutting mechanism are provided above the two rack structure holding the same two sets of bottle guide means symmetrically disposed on both sides of the bottle blow molding mobile channel, bottle collecting mechanism provided in the flash blow bottle bottle blow outlet side of the mobile channel; the bottom of the mobile channel for blow bottle conveyor automatic blowing machine, blow bottle conveyor drive to move forward. Bottle clamping mechanism, comprising a drive sprocket, chain clamp, driven sprocket, motor and motor housing; the motor base fixed to the side of the blow bottle rack on the inlet side of the motor mounted on the motor base and the motor output shaft up, drive sprocket mounted on the motor output shaft and through the bearings and housings mounted on a roof rack, a driven sprocket mounted on a roof rack blow bottle outlet side clamping sleeve on the chain drive sprocket and the driven sprocket. Two sets of the same structure of the ultrasonic cutting mechanism, each comprises an ultrasonic cutting tool, tool holder, horn, ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic generator; ultrasonic cutting tool mounted on the roof rack by respective tool holder, disposed below the horn of an ultrasonic cutter, ultrasonic cutter connected and connected by a snap ring and fixed to the inside of the rack two plates, an ultrasonic transducer and horn, set in the horn below, the ultrasonic generator is fixed on the other chassis backplane. The two sets of identical structure of the bottle holder guide mechanism comprises guide each clamping plate, the clamping spring and spring retainer block; guide holding plate disposed at both sides of the moving path of the blow bottle, fixed block of three springs equidistantly disposed on the bottom plate of a chassis, three clamping spring is attached at one end of the spring fixing block, and the other end extending through the frame inner plate and the clamping plate connected to the guide. The finish of the burr collection mechanism is provided on the outlet side of a blow molded bottle rack by the upper part of the pallet and the lower part of the collection trough. The holder includes a plurality of chain links, each link by a holding plate and the connecting blocks; holding both sides of the plates are concave arc connecting block is connected to one end of the bolt and clamping plate, phase two adjacent links connected by the link into an integral link plate by screws. The ultrasonic cutting edge of the blade is curved, blade curve flat curve, where the plane is located within the bottle to be cut burr blow bottle, the blade curve corresponding to one end of the blow molded bottle inlet side, and to be excised fly the bottle is blow molded bottles edge tangent to the edge curve corresponding to the outlet side of the blown bottle at one end of the moving direction of the blow bottle endpoint located on the center line, the ultrasonic cutting tool edge thickening at the junction of the root of the tool. Each guide said clamping plate, comprising two guide plates, clamping plates and rollers; two outwardly inclined guide plates are provided at the inlet side of the bottle blow molding and blow molding bottle outlet side of the clamping plate blow container provided on both sides of the moving path, the rollers installed in the holder plate contacts the side of blow molded bottles, arranged uniformly in the longitudinal direction of the clamping plate. The utility model has the beneficial effect is achieved by the use of ultrasonic cutting mechanism to cut the bottle, small cutting force, so that the bottle deformation, good cut quality and high cutting efficiency. Tool wear, extend tool life. Bottle blow bottle clamping mechanism and the moving mechanism synchronized movement can be realized on the bottle holding and positioning notches ensure that the rules and smooth. Bottle collection agencies have burr removal fly on the side to collect, preventing burrs bottle blow bottle falls within the mobile channel, affecting the normal work. The utility model is simple overall structure, easy to operate, and can support with automatic blower can be realized online ultrasonic cutting blow bottle mouth burr cutting device.

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