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company news about The industry where ultrasonic welding equipment is applied

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Company News
The industry where ultrasonic welding equipment is applied
Latest company news about The industry where ultrasonic welding equipment is applied


Ultrasonic welding machine is widely used in the industry. Ultrasonic welding machine: Scope of application: tanning drum, ink cartridge, car dashboard, front lamp, rear lamp, car filter, etc., welding of larger products, level bubble, level , Water optics, optoelectronics, automobiles, semiconductors, hardware machinery, etc. Food industry: food containers, thermos bottles, lunch boxes, etc. Stationery industry: PP document holder, pen holder, stapler, ink box, etc. Electronics industry: tissue culture bottle caps, electrical accessories, trademarks, impellers, activated carbon filters, water pipes, etc.


The working principle of medical ultrasound is similar to that of sonar, that is, ultrasound is emitted into the human body. When it encounters an interface in the body, it will reflect and refract, and may be absorbed and attenuated in human tissue. Because the shape and structure of various tissues of the human body are different, the degree of reflection, refraction, and absorption of ultrasound is also different. Doctors can distinguish it by the characteristics of the wave, curve, or image reflected by the instrument. they. In addition, combined with anatomical knowledge, normal and pathological changes, it is possible to diagnose whether the examined organ is diseased.

Sound waves with a frequency higher than 20000 Hz (Hertz). The branch of acoustics that studies the generation, propagation, and reception of ultrasound, as well as various ultrasound effects and applications is called ultrasound. The devices that generate ultrasonic waves include mechanical ultrasonic generators (such as gas whistles, steam whistles, and liquid whistles, etc.), electric ultrasonic generators made using the principle of electromagnetic induction and electromagnetic action, and the electrostrictive effect and ferromagnetism of piezoelectric crystals Electro-acoustic transducers made by the magnetostrictive effect of substances, etc.


Ultrasonic waves can produce a lot of small bubbles when acting on liquids. One reason is that partial tensile stress occurs in the liquid to form a negative pressure. The decrease in pressure makes the gas originally dissolved in the liquid supersaturate and escape from the liquid and become small bubbles. The other reason is that the strong tensile stress "tears" the liquid into a hollow, which is called cavitation. Inside the cavity is liquid vapor or another gas dissolved in liquid, and it may even be a vacuum. The small bubbles formed due to cavitation will continue to move, grow up or suddenly burst with the vibration of the surrounding medium. When it bursts, the surrounding liquid suddenly rushes into the bubble, generating high temperature, high pressure, and shock waves. The internal friction accompanied by cavitation can form electric charges, and cause light emission in the bubbles due to discharge. The technology of ultrasonic treatment in liquid is mostly related to cavitation.

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