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company news about Maintenance Principle Of Ultrasonic Welding Machine Equipment

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Company News
Maintenance Principle Of Ultrasonic Welding Machine Equipment
Latest company news about Maintenance Principle Of Ultrasonic Welding Machine Equipment

As we all know, any illness needs to find out the cause of the disease in order to obtain better information. Anything that is broken requires the right medicine to be repaired more effectively. The same is true for ultrasonic welding machines. So, if there is a problem with the ultrasonic welding machine equipment, what should we do to solve the problem more quickly? Here, the editor will introduce the ten principles of ultrasonic equipment maintenance, which I believe can help you.


Ten principles of ultrasonic equipment maintenance


1. Speak first, then hands

For a faulty ultrasonic plastic welding machine, do not rush to do it, and you should first ask about the process and the phenomenon of the fault. For the unfamiliar ultrasonic plastic welding machine, you should also be familiar with the circuit principle and structural features, and follow the corresponding rules. Before disassembling, be fully familiar with the function, location, connection mode and relationship with other surrounding devices of each electrical component. If there is no assembly drawing, draw a sketch while disassembling and mark it.


2. First outside then inside

   Check whether the repaired ultrasonic equipment has obvious repair history, condition during ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic mold temperature, service life, etc., and then inspect the inside of the machine. Before dismantling, you should queue up the surrounding fault factors, and dismantle only after determining that it is an internal fault. Otherwise, blind dismantling may cause the equipment to be repaired and damaged.


3. Mechanical first, electrical

   First, you have to eliminate the problems of the ultrasonic mold first, and then perform the electrical inspection. When inspecting circuit faults, you should use the testing instrument to find the fault location, confirm that there is no bad contact fault, and then check the operating relationship between the circuit and the machine in a targeted manner to avoid misjudgment.


4. Static first, dynamic

When the equipment is not powered on, determine the quality of the buttons, contactors, relays and fuses of the electrical equipment to determine the fault. Power-on test, listen to the sound, touch, measure parameters, judge the fault, and finally repair it.


5. Clean first and then repair the ultrasonic welding machine

   For electrical equipment with heavy pollution, clean the buttons, wiring points, and contact points first, and check whether the external control keys fail. Many faults are caused by dirt and conductive dust, and the faults are often eliminated after cleaning.


6. First power amplifier board and then equipment

  The failure rate of the power amplification part of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine accounts for a high proportion of the entire ultrasonic equipment, so the power amplification part of the ultrasonic generator can often be twice the result with half the effort first.


7. General first and special

   Failures caused by assembly parts quality or manufacturing process generally account for about 50% of common failures. Most of the faults of ultrasonic equipment are hard faults, and it is necessary to carefully and clearly check and eliminate the problems before starting the experiment easily.


8. Peripheral first, internal

   Don't rush to replace the damaged electrical components. When confirming that the peripheral equipment circuit is normal, consider replacing the damaged electrical components.


9. DC before AC

During maintenance, the DC voltage must be checked first, and then the dynamic operating point of the AC circuit. If it is a filter circuit problem, it will cause system problems of the whole machine. The DC power supply of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine is generally 300V, or +-160V partial pressure .


10. Debug after failure

In some cases, all the damaged originals have been replaced, but they are still abnormal. It is necessary to check the debugging of the protection system. Large current protection and high frequency protection. The only premise is that the FM inductor must be in the right position. If it deviates too far from the normal position, the power amplifier board may be damaged during the debugging process. Note that the inductance of the 20khz US line is about 1.1MH, the Taiwan line is about 0.8mh, and the 15khz Taiwan line is about 1.50mH. Be sure to rotate the inductor to the normal position before debugging.

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